What’s new in the 2019 C-Class?

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What’s new in the 2019 C-Class.

An ambitious blend of style and smarts with an added dose of speed. With the 2019 C-Class Sedan, Mercedes-Benz unveils a comprehensive facelift for one of its most successful models running. Watch our video and article to take a look at whats new in the facelift for the 2019 C-Class!

See and be seen more beautifully than ever.

The exterior features a new sporty front bumper, and new standard multi-element LED headlamps that offer eye-catching design by day, and more natural illumination by night. The available Active MULTIBEAM LED lighting system has a look all its own, and adapts for curves and vehicles ahead.

Boldness is in the eye of the beholder.

The new LED tail lamps and rear bumper design give the C 300 a stately appearance. Those in search of a sportier design can option for the Night or Sport package, that each feature AMG body styling.

Six Different Wheel Options

The 2019 C 300 Sedan comes standard with 17 inch alloy wheels, plus five additional options in 18-inch and 19-inch sizes, including four AMG designs.

Feature Rich Interior.

The newly designed interior is both functional and feature-rich. The new available 12.3 digital instrument cluster and 10.25 inch central screen provide the driver with everything they need to know about their vehicle, at the touch of a finger. The two smartphone like pads on the steering wheel allow you to scroll, swipe and select numerous features and settings with your thumbs. The sporty flat bottom wheel is included in the AMG interior package.

Source: Lone Star Mercedes-Benz

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