Storing your pride and joy for the harsh Canadian Winter

September 28th, 2017 by

For some, the arrival of the Canadian winter means the end of a fun driving season, and that it’s time to store the summer ride.

To make sure that your car comes out in spring in tip-top shape follow, these steps.


Cleaning your car

A clean and dry car is the best condition to leave your car in before storing it for the cold months. Salt and moisture are one of the biggest issues so make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Don’t forget the door panels, inside the gas cap and trunk area as well.

Fueling your car

Make sure you have a full tank before storing as over winter, your fuel tank can actually build up moisture. Empty space in the gas tank contains air, which contains water vapor and will condense to liquid. Over time the water in the gas tank can affect the gasoline and rust and corrode the fuel system.

A good investment would also be a gas stabilizer, which keeps fuel fresh for quick easy starts after storage and separates water from the gasoline that could otherwise cause corrosion.

Avoiding flats

You always want to be at the right pressure for your tires but if you are storing your car for long periods like the winter it can develop flat spots as the rubber sits. Adding a couple more pounds of pressure will help or you can use jack stands and lift the car.


If your garage isn’t heated, remove the car’s battery for the winter and keep it in a dry and warm storage place. Using a trickle charger to keep the battery in good condition.

Car Cover

There are numerous ways to cover and protect your vehicle. You can order custom fitted to one size fits all covers. Both are good to use but with any cover, make sure it’s breathable as the last thing you want is moisture building up.


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Source: Lone Star Mercedes-Benz

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