Mercedes GLC Vs BMW X3

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Transforming the compact luxury SUV niche, the 2020 GLC 300 goes head to head with the BMW X3.

2020 GLC 300 goes head-to-head with the BMW X3

Wondering about the 2020 GLC 300 vs the BMW X3? We understand how important it is to have a thorough understanding of the vehicle you’re purchasing and are going to compare and contrast the differences to help you decide which one is best for you. These are two high-end SUVs that boast unique characteristics and the following article will discuss how they compare and which vehicle is right for you.

Safety Features

The 2020 Mercedes GLC has a multitude of safety features making it a reliable vehicle for travelling and boasts a “good” safety rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Mercedes GLC outshines its competition with features such as Mercedes’ cross-wind assistance technology, as well as an integrated collision detection system. You can drive this vehicle with the comfort of knowing that you and your passengers will be kept safe by Mercedes’ technology. Other safety features include:

  • Blind Spot Assist

  • Attention Assist

  • PRE-SAFE System

Both the Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 are integrated with high-functioning safety features including an anti-lock braking system, a tire pressure monitoring system, automatic parking capabilities, and proximity sensors.

Mechanical Features

The 2020 Mercedes GLC has received a tremendous upgrade in terms of power – it possesses a 2.0L Inline-4 turbocharged engine with 255 horsepower. It gives you the fast, responsive feeling of driving a coupe with all the versatile benefits of driving an SUV. Other features include a top speed of 210 km/hr and a 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission. Learn more about the mechanical features the 2020 Mercedes GLC offers.

In comparison, the BMW X3 has a 248 horsepower engine. While the X3 possesses great operating dynamics and offers a great driving experience, the GLC is dominant in terms of straight-line speed and acceleration.

Interior Comfort Analysis

The Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 are very similar in regards to their interior setup. The seats in these vehicles are manufactured with comfort in-mind and both offer a comfortable haven that makes even long drives a comfortable experience.

With that said, the Mercedes GLC has a slight edge in comfort. This vehicle boasts a pristine interior and there is a multitude of different features installed to keep riders safe and cozy. When you enter the Mercedes GLC, you feel that you are entering a luxury vehicle. These features include a rear power liftgate, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, and LED interior lighting to give the vehicle more ambiance.

Price Differentials

The Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 are remarkable vehicles and encapsulate what it means to “ride in style.” In terms of affordability, both of these vehicles fall around the same price point. The GLC 300 and BMW both come standard with All Wheel Drive integrated and interior trimming. View pricing options for the 2020 Mercedes GLC at Lonestar Mercedes-Benz!

The Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 are incredibly powerful and elegant SUV’s. However, we believe that in terms of all-around design, the Mercedes GLC has a slight edge. We hope this breakdown of their safety features, mechanical features, interior comfort, and pricing, give you a better idea of the vehicle you wish to purchase. For more information, feel free to contact Lonestar Mercedes-Benz today!

Source: Lone Star Mercedes-Benz

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