How Does Mercedes-Benz Keep Safety A Priority

June 14th, 2021 by

When you have an outstanding reputation for safety, everyone from consumers to manufacturers want to know how it’s done. The secret? Engineers at Mercedes-Benz start thinking about safety at the beginning of designing a vehicle. This is true too, for the armored special-protection vehicles that Mercedes-Benz Guard build. These are some of the safestvehicles on the road, which is very comforting. So, this article explores how Mercedes-Benz keeps safety a priority.



Mercedes-Benz uses crumple zones to keep passengers safe. This means, when an accident occurs, the crumple zones keep the cabin isolated. Advanced airbags protect the head, knees and more. In the rear, side impact airbags deploy and the seatbelts themselves are reinforced with airbags, helping to distribute the force, protecting the ribcage.



When an accident happens, we can learn a lot. In fact, just a few pieces of data can help protect millions of future drivers. The Mercedes-Benz Accident Investigation team is a special unit based out of Germany that gather and evaluate potential lifesaving information.


Everything from collision angles to impact speed is collected at the scene and shows our engineers how we can be continually improving our safety features. This has led to groundbreaking technology, such as the features discussed below.



The patented Pre-Safe system anticipates a collision, through a network of sensors. Seat belts will tighten, headrests adjust and windows close in just a few seconds. Some models even emit “pink noise”, triggering the inner ear to protect your hearing from the pressure of impact. The CLA Coupe is a sleek model that features the Pre-Safe system, it’s also a pleasure to drive.



Distronic assists the driver by automatically keeping a proper distance between you and the car in front. You’re able to select the car length you prefer, and as traffic slows or stops, your Mercedes-Benz acts like a second set of hands and slows your vehicle for you. If this protection peaks your interest, check out the Mercedes-Benz GLB250 4Matic. It’s an SUV you can have fun and feel safe in.



A long drive (even in a luxurious vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz) can still cause fatigue. The Attention Assist featurehas your back by monitoring your interaction with the vehicle controls and can detect steering corrections that hint you might be drowsy. If your vehicle senses driver fatigue, it will trigger an alert, encouraging you to take a break. The A-Class sedan from Mercedes-Benz offers Attention Assist as a safety feature.



Knowing there’s a dedicated camera scanning the road ahead is comforting. The adaptive high beam assist looks ahead for the lights of other vehicles. Based on their position, your headlamps will be adjusted to maximize lighting the road, without causing glare for other drivers. Vehicles including the E-Class Wagon have this feature that keeps you and other drivers safe.


Mercedes-Benz understands that luxury also means peace of mind. When delivering the best, safety must come first. Prioritizing this way ensures that an accident in a Mercedes-Benz is less severe, less damaging, and less likely. Book a test drive and experience what driving with peace of mind truly feels like.