3 Things You May Not Know About Mercedes-Benz

December 10th, 2020 by

Mercedes-Benz has solidified itself as a leader in the automobile industry. The engineers and technicians that work tirelessly to manufacture luxurious, state-of-the-art, performance-driven vehicles are committed to upholding the integral values that put the company in a class of their own. Mercedes-Benz has come a long way since they produced their first vehicle in 1886, and their innovations continue to shape the future of driving.

Despite the popularity and notoriety of Mercedes-Benz, there is a lot that you may not know about the automotive company, including things that may help as you begin your search for a vehicle. Here are a few things you may not know about Mercedes-Benz.

Anti-Lock Braking System Pioneers

It’s hard to imagine when vehicles were sold without an ABS (anti-lock braking systems). This technology allows drivers to activate their brakes at high speeds and still maintain full control over their vehicles. The number of auto collisions that have been avoided due to ABS’s responsiveness and effectiveness is incalculable. In 1978, due to Mercedes-Benz engineers’ foresight and ingenuity, S-Class models were integrated with ABS. Following this advancement, all Mercedes-Benz vehicles were installed with ABS, which set a precedent for all other vehicle manufacturers to follow.

4MATIC Technology

Mercedes-Benz’s top priority is assuring the safety and wellbeing of its customers as well as every driver on the road. Mercedes-Benz’s patented 4MATIC technology is designed to ensure drivers have complete control over their vehicles; whether you’re driving in inclement weather or you’re facing adverse road conditions, you can feel confident and comfortable knowing that your tires are prepared to adapt to your surrounding environment.
What makes the 4MATIC technology unique is that it is fully functional at top speeds. Even when travelling at 100 km/hr on snowy roads, 4MATIC technology will react promptly and provide you with substantial traction control.

Anti-Rust / Anti-Corrosion

As previously stated, owning a Mercedes-Benz offer you an unparalleled driving experience. When you’re operating one, you feel completely in control. Mercedes-Benz understands the importance of performance and appearance, and this is why extra steps are taken before any vehicle makes its way onto the dealership floor. For starters, every engine is rigorously tested to ensure it reaches performance standards. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are treated with coatings designed to prevent corrosion on the outer body and rusting underneath the wheels.

Those are three things you probably didn’t know about Mercedes-Benz! When you sit down and analyze the precautions that Mercedes-Benz engineers and technicians take to ensure each vehicle is in perfect, road-ready condition, it makes sense that you might be interested in one of our vehicles. For more information on product availability and pricing, contact Lonestar Mercedes-Benz today!

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